Welcome to my webshop!

I am a graphic designer and illustrator living in the north of Sweden. My artwork is born from passion-  and sometimes even a little pain. If my images makes any of you happy, curious, amazed or even wonder what's really going on..., then I'm happy. I draw with pencils and pens and I paint with aquarelle colors, ink or anything else available. Usually loosing track of time as I enter my own world of little craziness.

My t-shirt motives are inspired by nature and possibly the north of Sweden, at least this far. I usually start out with a hand drawn illustration and then translate it into a digital artwork which can be screen printed. I only use fairtrade produced t-shirts made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and Tencel (read more: and I work with local printers who are able to use screenprint colors without pvc and ftalates. 

If you should like to order from outside Sweden-  that is also possible. I will find you the best option and send it by postage.
email me on for more information.

Also welcome to visit my personal webpage as well as my Facebookpage